Exige is back home

ive just brought back my supercharged Exige. You cant live without them! I didn’t think the MR2 would last very long. I picked the Exige back up from Lincoln on saturday and sold the MR2 today. Its great to have it back, i had a grin on my face all the way home!

welcome back Chris…

Why did you sell it in the first place?

Why did you buy it again?

I hadn’t got the money to insure it so it had to go. The bloke had it 10 weeks and never even drove it, and i mean never drove. He phoned me up saying he was moving over seas so had to sell it fast. I got it back cheap, basically he covered my years insurance for me so he could get a quick sale. I never wanted to sell it so was over the moon when i got it back at such a good deal.

Jammy bugger! Nice one