Exige intercooler cold air kit

Hi, has someone combined this kit with the stock intercooler? Thxs jo

Its designed for the proalloy intercooler which is slightly different sizing, you could modify but it would be a bodge to make it work Fonzey you modified the OEM shroud didn’t you?

With the air to air I/C you are always trying to polish a turd.
Save your time , money and effort for a water to air !/C

Yes you can DIY this on the standard intercooler for ~£100-120 or so, and get pretty good results*

*Agreed, for track purposes - but for a road car, or for a car with very ‘casual’ track time the intercooler mods are by far a better bang:buck than the chargecooler is. I rarely/never found heatsoak to be a problem on the road and I logged a LOT of miles a couple of years ago, track is very different particularly when session lengths start extending beyond the 15-20mins that most stick to, the chargecooler is unbeatable here.

I’m glad I chargecooled my car, but in hindsight the IC ducting mods were very effective for some usage.

Thxs for the reply.
There is also a Kit from BOE? https://www.monkeywrenchracing.com/product/boe-intercooler-fresh-air-scoop-kit-lotus-exige/

Did you buy a stock “intercooler shroud” and adapted it?


I took a holesaw to my shroud and fitted some duct flanges from Demontweeks. I did however buy a spare intercooler as a ‘just in case I screw it up’ option which luckily wasn’t needed!

Sounds like the BOE kit is similar/same as what I did.

I can’t say I noticed any difference to heat soak with increased air via a £2.5k Marston aerospace air to air I/C either on the road or the track.
That’s just my feelings, but Sean and JSR actually did some tests on charge temps and the most cost effective change to the standard set up was using a 211 shroud and 4" ducting stuffed into the side pods.
It will be searchable on here somewhere.
Again, it’s a few hunderd quid that could go towards a proper solution. The reason I first tried sorting the air/air solution was a desire not to add 20Kg and lay a load of extra pipes. It proved a false economy.

Here are the test figures Chris at PA sent me, agree the CC is the best option having fitted one to my Europa but for a road car the cold air feed is a good compromise.

Does anyone know this guy from the link?

I printed and converted my shroud today. Fits really good. As long as you are handy with epoxy fitting is no problem at all. Justhave to sand and paint it.

If it helps PA alloy supply the dutting pipes seperate that bolt into the ducting as well as side scoops

£316 for some heat resistant hose, jubilee clips and shrouds. The ducting is £50 on eBay. I’d rather DIY and save £200 :thumbup:

Yeah I DIY’d it all, cost about £120 all in if I remember right. The flange adaptors and ducting ‘entrances’ were the biggest cost from Demontweeks IIRC.

I have gone after the 3D-Print-Option (posted on page 1)
They fit really good. Its a bit of epoxy-fiddeling - but it strengthens the shroud too.

the scoops are also 3D-printed. But i had to improve them with a layer of epoxy. have to sand and kit them a little.
the spray it black - done.

That looks great!

Top work, interested to see it finished.

Project done.
I can really recommend this set.
Used 3 inch tubes - the side scoops are also oval, so there is enough room left inside the soop.
Here is the link to the 3d files.

Exige Side Ducts for 3" Hose by Slow_Polk - Thingiverse (i only printed the small scoops - its more than enough. I was afraid using the big scoops enginebay wouldnt get enough cold air.

Made this IC heatsheild, i was going to fit one during the rebuild but wanted it on the road so never bothered. Anyway not sure if it will make much of a difference but why not. I am visiting Phoenix motorsport on satuday then i will have a trial fit before i get it powdercoated silver.
To he fair i have been i uave been logging the intake temps and even on the hottest day and 30 mins of hard driving (road) max temp was 42° but mainly hovered around 32°.

I tried a heat shield on mine, it added 0% thermal protection and 6% extra rattles :lolno:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: thats my parade well and truly pissed on :rofl::rofl::rofl: