Exige in Chrome Orange wanted by newbie!

Hello all,
Im looking for a S1 or S2 Chrome Orange Exige.
Iwent to mbuy a Ferrari from my local Lotus Dealer and in the showroom they had a stunning Chrome Orange S2 Exige and I fell in love with it.
The problem is I cant stretch to �30,000, so maybe I could find a S1 or early S2.
If anyone can point me in the right direction id appretiate it,
Many Thanks.

hello bertone, i am contemplating selling my exige!! she is a last of the line 2001 y reg in chrome orange. Im not in a hurry to sell cos i like the car but i would part with her for the right money

I will point you in the right direction !! go for black !! bestest, fastest colour by far

Almost forgot !! for S1 are the one to own . S2 ,s are for faggots and hairdressers !!!

meatballs and hairdressers? weirdo

meatballs and hairdressers? weirdo