Exige in Autocar

This week’s Autocar - 4th Sept issue has the last in their long term test on the Exige. Tester liked it so much he bought it from Lotus at the end of the one year test period. Another interesting snippet is they say fuel consumption at best was 29.4mpg, at worst 12.5mpg and over 14,787 miles was 22.1mpg. Also they reckon trade price is �22000, private sale �24000 and retail �25950.All in all a very fair test.

2 weeks ago they were advertising the car in top marques mag for �24500 and then reduced it to �23000. It had basically been thrashed to bits - new engine, gearbox, front and rear clam, been crashed a couple of times!!Presume they’ve sold it now - all credit to the journo who was selling it - he was very honest about the cars history which is why it took a little longer to sell.