Exige going on eBay tonight... #4575773979

Right ho,

as it’s “free” listing for motors today I thought I’d see what eBay can do…

So at 23:00 tonight item number 4575773979 will be the Exige.

It’s getting the rear end resprayed today so will be looking pretty bloody good me thinks!

It will be shame really


why paint the rear ?

It had a few cracks in the gel coat from a little nudge up the ar$e at Mallory

So all looking good!

You’ll get bugger all on Ebay. �15k ? Prices on Ebay seem to be stupidly low. S2 2002 going for �8k at the moment (no reserve). Might as well advertise it as free.

I guess it’s because these are specialists cars, not mainstream.
In ebay you’re more likely get people looking at very cheap mainstream cars.

But also eBay is just a good ad for about �10 all in, lots of people see it…

Don’t really plan to sell it via eBay IYSWIM…