Exige for sale

S1 Exige
2000 X
nautilus blue
12,800 miles
Full service history/bills etc.
192 upgrade
sports exhaust
Nitron suspension
ITG air filter
Uprated brakes (RS14 pads,lightweight discs,braided hoses,SRF fluid)
Momo quick release s/wheel
Yokohama AO48 tyres
Recent service and full geometry check
Carbon air box
Lightweight fuel filler
Sony minidisc
Cat. 1 alarm/immobilser
MOT and tax


This car is in excellent condition and has had no expense spared (the Nitrons and AO48’s are brand new).A really well sorted car,and a lovely example of a future classic.
For further information,please contact…
[email protected]

Hi Simon,
Sounds like a cracking car, also I beleive there was only a handful made in that colour so that makes it even more rare.
If you haven’t already ,what about some pics on pistonheads?
would like to see it.
Good luck with the sale, but you will miss it!!

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Can’t believe you haven’t sold it yet

Me neither!Mind you I’ve had some interesting (if time consuming) experiences.One guy,after spending 1/2 hour looking over the car,said he thought I was advertising an Elise …Another guy,after lavishing praise on the car for almost 1 hour (including a a test drive) said that he’d only ever want one in silver!Unbelievable …This is driving me nuts.The car is lovely,but I feel like I’m trying to get rid of an old banger in the �500 section of autotrader!!! (No offence to �500 bangers,Ive got one of those too as my daily driver )

I’ve just checked the spec again, and other than the colour (sorry, personal taste) and a set of Speedlines it’s pretty much my ideal car and how mine should be in the next few months.

Good luck, it deserves a good home!


Cheers Ian

Si, thanks for the email. i’m gutted that i cant oblige at the moment. hope i don’t regret it in a few months.

Car now sold

Shame SI…

where’d it go and to who?? will he/she be around here? or was it a dealer?

Hi ROXTEDDY…Fortunately it went to an enthusiast,who’s also a really nice guy.He knows about Exiges.com and I’m sure he’ll be along soon to say Hi!
…I’m gutted by the way

Stay in touch ?

Thanks for the introduction, SI (and for the car!)




Mike,yeah I’ll certainly pop on to Exiges.com every now and then just to see what you’ve all been up to .It’s a great little community going on here,with some really nice,genuine poeple (IDG,Mr Pesky,Mike Lane,Phil,RussT,AndyD,Brendon,Roxteddy,Uldis,Stevegreen,Jay,steveN,6970k and SteveE to name just a few…sorry if I’ve missed anyone out!).Oh,and if anyone sees EUGENE at a track day with my old car,make sure he’s taking care of it!!!

Thanks for the introduction, SI (and for the car!)


Welcome along Eugene… nice car…