Exige for Sale

Exige June 2001
Laser Blue
10,000 miles
Full service history
Air Con
190 Upgrade
Braided hoses/Pagid Pads/Castrol SRF
Eliseparts Carbon Fibre Sports Seats
Luke Harnesses
Short Shift lever and linkages
Quick release MOMO steering wheel
Janspeed Sports Exhaust
Kelvedon toe link modification
Kelvedon suspension set up
Carbon Fibre Air Box
AO48s (rears new)
Edwards rear diffuser


e-mail [email protected]
tel 07885 821680

This month’s special offer - reduced to �22,995 (no offers!)


PS Forgot to mention alternator cooling mod including cooling duct to alternator from air vent and vented rear clam

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Now sold to NeilA

Sad but I think it’s going to a good home!!!

Neil picked up the Exige today and I must say I was pretty sad to see it go.

Great cars and driven by gentlemen - many thanks to all of you who made ownership even more worthwhile by providing a forum for providing essential information and at the same time being such a friendly lot.

Hopefully will see some you around when I give the Trevor an outing or hopefully at Classic Le Mans

Regards - David

All the best David

can’t remember if we ever met but good luck with the blackpool rock

Good luck David! I hope Neil knows where we are!



Are you staying a Chanteloup for the Classic Le Mans? Would be absolutely brill to see you there - your round I think

I’m sure Neil will be a worthy successor - good to know it’s going to good home !!

Rob - Yes will almost certainly be at Chanteloup - will buy you a drink hopefuly before the brain disengages the mouth

Regards - David