Exige for sale

Well due to the bitch having a fling with someone, we are splitting up and hence i now have to sell my pride and joy to ensure i keep the flat.

So here we go for a car that is fantastic on road and defintaley the track, with of course the 2003 Le Mans Drivers parade to it’s name:-
2001 Jan on an X plate
Quartz colour
21750 miles
FLSH (last done 2 months ago, new oil and brake fluids)
Sports Exhaust
Quick Gear shift fitted
Air Con (it works)
New Brake pads at service (front and rear)
x2 new rear tyres (1 month old AO48’s all round)
Braided hoses
Trackday clutch (2 months old)
192 BHP upgrade (factory fitted)
Black Alcantara sports seat + harnesses
Carbon airbox
Extra air vents in back number plate section
Air tubing to alternator (drivers side vent intake at side)
New (Nov 2002) CD payer
Lotus dealer warranty (until Nov 2003)
2 owners (including me)
Immaculate interior and exterior
Car in Addlestone near Weybridge in Surrey

Loved and cherished as anyone in SELOC will tell you a very depressing day indeed for me.

Price, well i am looking for �22500 o.n.o. contactable on 07887 845 838 or e-mail me at [email protected] and cc me into my work e-mail [email protected]

Thanks, Mark [email protected]

Hi Mark

Just read your thread on SELOC - glad you’re moving forward in positive mode

General consensus from those who’ve been “through it” appears to stronly recommend that you keep the car - [color:“red”]Too bloody, true [/color]

Good luck, & hope to see you again at a trackday - how’s about Donington on 24th September with Bookatrack??

Pesky sir good to hear from you.

Unfortunately i will not be able to make the 24th as i am away, but we (i… SELOC) will be there on the 25th of August, are you?

The car is now at the www.turbocentre.co.uk on their forecourt in Potter Bar as unfortunately i need a car for work, was using the misses but not anymore, sad day but life goes on, M.

Well come on chaps, i know you all want me to keep it but i cannot so would be most grateful if you could tell your friends, work/colleagues etc. As i need to sell this a.s.a.p. and will reduce the price accordingly. Thanks, Mark.

We def don’t want you to sell – aint SELOC at donny on 24th Aug not 25th ??

RoXTeddy you are indeed correct, it is the 24th. My goodness things are mad at the moment i cannot believe i nearly forgot that considering i have co-ordinated it for SELOC, doh!!!

Now re the car i appreciate that you chaps do not want me to sell it and believe me nor do i. But it has to go as i have lost my usual road car when the kind lady left and as such need to sell my pride and joy. Therefore, make me an offer…


Well it is going to come to me selling it a.s.a.p. now due to house purchase etc. So anyone know someone?

can I ask is this the car that is currently in Alexander David Showroom in New Haw

No it is at the Turbo Centre in Cuffley by Potters Bar, Mark.

Thanks for ther info. I am currently selling my Boxster (too boring) and am going to look for an Exige.

Have you sold it to the Turbo Centre or are they selling it on your behalf ? I am thinking of taking a look at the week-end.

Andy been there myself re x3 boxters in my time, make the move i definately would not go back for driving experience it is second to none.

They are selling it on my behalf Andy, Mark.

Thanks for the response. I need to sell the Boxster to pay a few bills but have fallen for the Exiges. What are they like to deal with at the Turbo Centre ? I was intending to sell my Boxster first as I can’t really see them giving up your Exige and giving me cash for my Boxster.

Andy, give them a call and ask for Joel on 01707 873 388, i have bought x2 TT’s, x2 Boxsters, X1 Elise off them and they always sort me out with no worries. Yeah they also give cash for cars. Let me know how you get on.

By the way try my work mail address as i do not get to catch up as much as i used to on here, cheers, M. [email protected]

Andy any luck looking at the car? Mark.

Andy any luck looking at the car? M