Exige for Sale

Sept 2000 X 3900 milesTitanium with black Alcantara sports seat + harnessesCarbon airbox, Lotus sports cat & MagnecorsLotus warrantyI’m the 2nd ownerCar in EdinburghPaul

Hi Paul,Please see my entry above - are you interested in a P/x with a mint condition Esprit S4? If not, what’s your price for the Exige?Phil (The Mole)07799 416164

Phil,I’m not looking for another car at the moment. I’m looking for 23k.Paul

Direct and to the point - I like your style.As I’m in Surrey, and you’re in Edinburgh, there are a few questions I’d like to ask, to check it’s the sort of car I’m after:Has the car had any knocks or accidents?How many owners has the car had?How long ago was the car serviced?Do you mind me talking to the garage that look after the car for you and who are they?How many times have you taken the car on track?Sorry if this sounds like a bit of an interrogation - not meant to be !!Cheers,Phil S

Phil,Sorry for the short reply I was on my way into a meeting and posting at same time [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]The car has not been in any accidents.I’m the second owner. I bought the car from Storm 8 months ago for 26.5k and have put 1000 miles on it. It still has a few months left of Lotus warranty.The car has been serviced 4 times by Storm in 3900 miles! I had the car checked by my local dealer (Murray in Edinburgh) last week before I put the car up for sale.As I said I bought the car from Storm so speak to Jeff Canton, he sold the car to me and sold it new, or if you want to speak to my dealer then the contact is Graeme Robertson at Murray Motor Co.I’ve never used the car on the track. I had a 340r and used that for track days. The Exige still has the original tyres and brake pads.Regards,Paul

Car is still for sale. Open to offers.Paul