Exige for sale

I’ve only met this guy once so I can’t really vouch for him, but he seems like a nice chap. Anyway, he’s asked me to post an ad for him since he has no internet access.New Aluminium Exige.2000 X reg.21,000 miles.Sports seats and harnesses.CD player.Red alcantara.Never been on a track.House buying forces sale.***** �20,500 ****Sounds like a bargain to me. I’ve seen it, and it looked really immaculate. I think he was more interested in cleaning it than driving it!Call Richard Strawford on:Mobile: 0781 379 7434Work: 0121 200 1302

Seems too good to be true! Any idea why he’s priced it so low?

It does seem low. I may have made a mistake? He actually said “Twenty and a half grand” I took that to mean 20,500. Perhaps he meant 25,000? Give him a bell if you’re interested.

Just received a text from him, it IS �20,500! Someone’s gonna get a bargain there… (Hmmm - how can I raise twenty grand?)