Exige exhaust on a S1?

Does anybody know if there are any problems and/or issues with fitting a standard Exige exhaust (with 190 upgrade - not sure if that makes a difference) to a standard S1? Are there any extractor problems for example?Thanks,Anton

The Exige exhaust fits with no probs apparently, you will only get the full benefit though if you fit the 340R/Exige/Sport 160 manifold as well.

It didn’t fit! I got Lotus motorsport to do the swap and the muffler is huge on the Exige compared to the Elise. The sport 200’s even have small mufflers. It appears that only the Exige has the large muffler and it doesn’t fit into the Elise!

An adjustable rear oval is available to fit the Elise. I can also do twin tail pipes for the Exige exhaust now - or a complete exhaust witht he twin tails.Owen