Exige engine in Elise

Has anyone tried this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Look at/borrow or, in the last resort, buy the worshop manual. There is a section in it about upgrading all Elise/Exige models. The section on 190ps engines mentions loom, exhaust, radiator ECU changes, plus oil cooler fitment etc. This is a big (read expensive) job and it is probably cheaper to trade your car in against an Exige!.Rob Gibbons

I own the Elise workshop manual, and i read the same bit you did.But i already have the Exige engine, gearbox and ECU. For a very VERY sharp price…i’m considering purchasing the 190hp VHPD wiring loom, this might make things a lot easier.Another thing that confuses me is this: the Exige ECU apparently uses part of the Esprit V8 program (says so in the manual) but some people claim that the 190VHPD engine uses a Rover program. Could this be? That could be a headache…

The original VHPD as came with a remapped MEMS ECU - which is obviously a Rover bit.The Exige, because of emission issues was given a Lotus ECU - hence the 178bhp. The 190 upgrade made more sense to retain the same ECU rather than swap looms etc.So, if your engine is from an Exige you have the Lotus ECU. If from an original Sport 190 Elise it would likely have the MEMS.HTHChris

thanks Chris.The engine is from an Exige, so i have the Lotus ECU…I understood though that the 178hp is due to restrictors in the intake system as well as the ECU map. My Lotus dealer informed me that upgrading the Exige engine to 190hp simply involves removing the restictors and remapping the ECU.Damn. Sounds like what i need is to run the Exige engine off a VHPD ECU - problem solved. Can’t the Elise ECU be remapped to VHPD spec?

The Exige 190 also has the inlet cam pulley changed to alter the timings of the camshaft, unfortunately, the Rover/Lotus ECU’s cant be re-mapped easily which is why the Emerald M3D is a very popular replacement, its user programmable and very flexible.Good upgrade results can be had from the standard Elise engine which would be very close to the VHPD engine anyway, make sure your price for the VHPD engine is cheaper than upgrading, �3-4k on a standard Elise engine would get a much better spec than the VHPD !!HTH

Go with the Emerald if you can. �600, but there is a farily long waiting list.You may be able to pick up a Motorsport MEMS for a fair bit less to get you running in the first place.Both have the standard k series plug (not sure about the Exige ecu), so will fit easily on the standard loom. If you need one of these Duncan has a few for sale ([email protected]). They’re a nightmare to get hold of normally and cost over �200!!CheersChris

Chris, unfortunately, the Exige has a different plug on the ECU - IIRC it is same as the Esprit, or one of the bigger Rovers.

Sorry - meant will fit on the standard Elise loom…CheersChris :wink:

Starting 2 get [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/confused.gif[/image]So you’re saying the Exige ECU will not fit the Elise wiring loom - plugs are different? If that’s the case, i do suppose getting an Emerald is the easiest way… didn’t count on that extra expense… shame. Oh well - i guess things like this are never straightforward, are they…So how long is this waiting list?

Yup - got it in one!Not sure on the waiting list, but I believe its measured in months. :-(If you want to get it running, try to source a MEMS ecu. It won’t work as well as the Emerald, but on the other hand will cost under a hundred quid!Or ask around and see if someone can do a little converter harness from standard MEMS plug to Exige plug?CheersChris