Exige/ Elise wheels

Will S1 exige wheels fit on S1 Elise with out modifications??
A Brooke - Kensington mod??

I think Maddog here runs Exige wheels on an Elise, so he’s the best person to wait for…!

Most people reckon you get some wheel arch rubbing on hard turns if everything else remains unchanged.

Indeed if you look at Brooke-Kensington’s Yellow Peril loan Elise that has Exige wheels fitted, there is evidence of missing gel coat at the top of the front wheel arches!

Having said that, other people report no problems.

Bernard S has been running exige wheels on an S1 elise, with audi power to boot - no worries !!

Thanks guys…

just remember to file the inside of your front wheel arches otherwise you’ll end up taking chunks out of the paintwork.
you’ll have to change the suspension aswell LSS at minimum