Exige/Elise ultra close ratio gearbox

Removed from car and ready to go.Done about 1000 miles. No lsd.Ratios are 1st 3.0 , 2nd 1.937 , 3rd 1.556 , 4th
1.273 , 5th 1.043 , final drive 3.938 .�750 with free delivery (England only).

Quite interested in this, does package come with :

Straight cut Synchro Gearset as described
Straight cut Chrown wheel and Pinion for the 3.9 ratio
Also you are selling the complete gearbox with these paerts in it, am i correct.

Let me do some maths, i need a spare box with longer final drive.


Sorry for the late response.Gears are not sraight cut.Gearbox comes complete ready to bolt straight on.
Cheers Mark