Exige / E10 fuel compatibility

E10 fuel replacing RON 95 has rather slipped me by, but reading up tonight looks E10 isn’t compatible with earlier exige;

Really just sharing for anyone else unaware. Looks like E5 is ok. Unsure if anyone has better advice re any other approach needed?


I thought I may have posted this on here already, but worth a recap - it’s useful info from FBHVC about E10 and other fuel-related matters:

Probably the best and most sensible article I’ve seen so far.

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Looks like I fell into the E10 trap, hence the Exige is currently a laid up in France awaiting repatriation. Hope it’s not done any long term damage.

Oh Thommo that’s shit. I hope it is recovered without too much of a drama.

I made the mistake of putting half tank of e10 in mine during the summer and it coughed and spluttered and wasn’t happy. I filled rest with E5 and it ran ok again so just drove until tank was used up. And then filled back up with E5 and all ok. I won’t ever use e10 again.

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E10 fuel technically shouldn’t cause symptoms such as coughing / spluttering unless it’s been stored. The e10 has a higher ethanol content and is more hygroscopic than e5 for instance.

It will knacker rubbers, plastic and sone metals if not designed for it and it’s left in contact with the e10.

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I was conscious of not leaving any E10 in the system. But as we were going through a tankful every day, I was alternating between 98E5 and 95 E10 pretty much.

I hope it gets back without any dramas asap for you :+1:t2:


for any of us that store their cars for long periods, I’d advise using Esso Super plus, it has a suitably high octane rating, but more importantly it is Ethanol free, it does mean less risk of the fuel going bad, I now use it in all mine and especially if I think it is going to be the last fill up of the year

Good advice Ade - I did read the same re Esso :+1:t2:

Thanks, Ade, good advice. I’d not heard the benefits of Esso Premium

I didn’t know it was E free either!

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Depends on region, some Esso premium has up to 5% in it but I seem to recall that being limited to the extreme North, above the wall