exige doors craked?

as i said in my previous thread, just got my exige at last!!! woooppppeeedownside its a “w” reg and the doors are cracked where the two bolts are facing you as you open the door. noticed it whils polishing. the cracks go from the window at the open end all the way down.any ideas what causes this or how it can be repaired?Depressed now, only had it 2 daysRegardsAndy Flower

Sorry to hear that Andy [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/frown.gif[/image]It may have been caused by the previous owner leaning on the door whilst getting in and out, also slamming it really hard may crack it.Have you got any pictures ?

Thanks for the reply, yes I do have some pictures, I will try and put them up on here tonight, if not I can e-mail them to you if you want to look.Should be able to get some new ones from lotus, juts the GRP that is, hopefully not too expensive.CheersAndy

No problem Andy, if you cant get them up on here, e-mail them to me.I would imagaine that a good repair specialist would be able to sort them out for you rather than replacing them !I know the “roof” is �1700 from Lotus dont know the price of a door…

Last time I checked each door was �505 plus vat.