Exige Dampers & springs

For sale on tuesday. 33,000 easy miles (NOT)offers (no idea what its worth)

Russwhat you getting instead?

Nitrons - with 325/400 springs. have you been looking into this as well?


Russ - yes initially fancied some of the 3 way racing dynamics but was put off them by a few people I talked to…could really do with checking out other peoples suspension on road/track before taking the plunge…tried someones car set up with ledas and it was definitely not what i wanted.

Yes - same here, but although I was prepared to pay the steep price for 3 way adjustables, a chat with a friendly race team owner put me off. The time & resources needed to set them up properly would be exhaustive, and I am just not that bothered…the Nitrons seemed like a good compromise between good enough and too good.

I reckon to get a really good set up on the 3 ways it would take a couple of days at a circuit and a friendly helper - so not too bad. Compared to Leda or LSS they are fantastic! Then once you understand what effects each change will have I reckon one full day at any circuit you visit. Obviously you have to factor in the weather.Cheers

Hey RusDo you know if there is a significant weight difference with Nitrons? i.e. are they lighter?? If you don’t know could you mibbee get your bathroom scales out while you change over and let me know?ps How did you eventually get to the fuel pick-up pipe when you were looking for you ‘misfire’ problem the other week?

Yup, no prob. I will weigh them tomorrow. We got to the pipe after I had changed every thing, the last item was the fuel filter. Checked it, put it back and hey presto, no fuel from the primary pipe from the tank. De-priming the filter must have caused too much of a problem for the pick up to overcome, and even though the pump was doing its priming thing, no fuel came out. Before this happened, the car was still running up to 5000, so ignition was the prime suspect, even tho’ my retired mechanic dad said “fuel starvation” straight away! Bugger.[This message has been edited by RussT (edited 17 March 2003).]