Exige dailly use ???

Is there anyone who drives an Exige or another 190 HP Lotus very often off trackI want to buy an Exige but the Lotus salesman told me that in “normal” use the motor will break because the engine wont resist alternate cold/warm and in low speed the cooling wont be sufficient.Is there anyone out there who has more than 20000 miles with his 190 HP Lotus and has driven it in normal traffic ?Thanx a lot for your responsesEric

I use my Exige almost every day to go to work in. Hasn’t been upgraded yet to 190 but can’t see why that would make any difference.I can’t believe he’s said the engine would break because of the alternate cold/hot engine temperature - that’s complete codswallop. It’s an almost bog standard 1.8K series engine with a different head and strengthened pistons so why would it?In normal traffic, it’s OK until you hit crawling traffic. Then you have to dip the clutch otherwise it kangaroo’s under 2500rpm - but it’s easily coped with.The car has only ever once got hot enough for the fan to kick in too so he’s talking crap!T.

Yep, seems like a load of crap.Given the car’s only been out a year there aren’t many high milers out there… but a few people have done circa 15K in them so far without engine problems.

he isn’t by any chance trying to get you to buy something else…that he just happens to have in stock?

He isn’t trying to sell another carHe actually has an Exige and a 340R for sale !?I was looking to buy an Exige for near everyday use, also in the Brussels’ heavy traffic, but I am a little woried nowI think I will buy one anyhow and hope I wont be disappointedEric

I’ve been using mine every day for over a year… in and out of work (2 miles)… loads of short trips… (8.5k)Never had a problem with heat, running or anything else. Its just a little hard work crawling sometimes.Tim

I was using mine everyday as well, 40% B roads and 60% on Motorways, 120 miles a day, driving into the outskirts of London and back. As Tim says, it’s a bit hard in crawling traffic with the current set-up, but this should improve with mods i have planned.Remember, Lotus market it as a road car with occasional track use, not the other way round.Phil[This message has been edited by Phil Davies @ home (edited 15 September 2001).]

My Black Exige was picked up on the 1st September 2000 and today the mileage went over the magic (well almost) 22,222The engine has not expired, though it produces well below the 190 on a rolling road. (179 bhp, but allowing for the road operator using a low drag figure and ‘production tolerances’ on the valve timing - i.e. plus or minus 5%) it is not too bad.Don’t be a wimp, go for it!!

Hi Mike,Eric (MacFever) has gone for it. [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]BTW, your Exige has probably covered more miles any that I am aware of.Any issues that have cropped up that may still await those of us with lower mileages?

FYI,I have a friend that has almost 30,000 miles on a Sport 190 with about 3K on the track. Reliability…not a question! He has only adjusted the valves.CS