Exige Cup 260 - Restoration and Updates

Id suggest a dry day and a Sunday morning run, meeting up with other lotus owners or somewhere like C&M or The Motorist. You’ll change your mind.

I sometimes look at mine and think about selling, it doesn’t get used much and is SORN’d over winter for 6 months.
But when i do drive it i can’t sell it and if i do sell it, I’ll have a nice lump sum of money and an empty garage.


A small, and sad, update. The car is now for sale at Lotus Silverstone, which of course means that whomever buys it will have the coverage of a full inspection, 12 months warranty etc. Not that it needs it, the car is mintier than a polo, which is why its up for sale - it’s too lovely for my use case and I just can’t justify the track days any more (and I’ve only done the 1 this year anyway sadly). I also need the garage space.

Whoever buys it will be getting the best S2 there is, I truly believe that. Really I should have bought a ‘normal’ 240 S2 instead of Darth, and it would probably still be in the garage as my regular trackday toy! As it is, the porker is going in there, and I will be lotus-less for the first time since 2008 once Darth is sold :cry: Even worse I think I’m going to be getting an EV shortly!

My ao52s were used exactly once this year and have sat in the garage since. I’ll put them, and the sector 111 wheels they are on, up for sale in due course.

Happy to answer any questions via PM.

Fabulous car, but completely understand why you’d let it go being in such great ‘almost too good to use’ condition.

There’s been quite a bit of chat about it on the Seloc S2 Exiges thread :grin:

Will you be getting another Lotus?

Point them over here!

I can’t see myself getting another Lotus, which would be an Exige, in the immediate future. The EVs are way too expensive and do nothing for me, and the GT4 is similar to an Exige in many ways. If I do half a dozen track days in it next year then the man maths for a less mint exige for track use might stack up better, but equally so could a Caterham or a Westfield.

I’d love a 410 at some point, I looked at a laser blue 410 20th anniversary before I bought Darth but I just couldnt justify it at the time and I still can’t really. Back in 2015 I bought new a V6 S in a one off sprint colour scheme, and if the current owner ever decides to sell I would love to have it back - would be more reasonable financially also.

I’ve seen the seloc chat but am refraining from getting involved there.

Hey @gashead1105
I’ve enquired about this car with Aimee at Silverstone. Very tempted. I note that the digital dash is no longer installed? Or have I got confused somewhere along the thread?
Beauty car regardless!

Hi Tony

Yeah, it’s gorgeous. I was told by Aimee on Saturday that an offer has been made, is that from you?

No, the digital dash isn’t installed, I believe Paul took it out before he sold the car in Summer 2021. It’s had the standard analogue dash while I’ve owned it.

Hey gashead
Yeah, that was from me. Not sure Aimee is feeling like it’s enough but it’s me all out. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too. There’ll always be a plan B when it comes to toys. Has there been anything else removed from the car that’s been alluded to in the build story?

Hi Tony

You’d have to read the thread I’m afraid, Paul does detail what he takes out before selling. I think it’s mostly cameras aside from the dash. The wiring is all still there as I understand it - too complicated for me though!

Cheers Will

Ha, fair enough Will; and too complicated for me too! Many thanks for your help though. My final offer has been confirmed with Aimee so we’ll see what happens.

Congratulations Tony, I hope you have as much fun with the car as I have.

I have a spare set of wheels with ao52s on (as per the pics last year) which I would be happy to sell to you separately. I also have a few boxes of old parts (original steering wheel, footrest, radio, speakers, odds and ends possibly including a rear view camera) if you wanted to collect them from me once you have the car? I’m near Colchester.

Cheers Will

Many thanks Will. Looking forward to getting it home in the next couple of weeks. Pics / condition / price of wheels, and I’ll certainly give it thought.

Pics are as per the ones in the images in posts during 2023 (eg June 2023 above). That was the only time the ao52s have actually been used, so have done about 300 miles since new. Wheels are sector 111, they are in good nick. I also have some 3mm spacers for rear to ensure they safely clear the rear brake calipers.

Will put a proper for sale ad up with some updated pics at weekend.

That sounds great Will. Much appreciated.

Darth has been collected by @TonyDee today. Hopefully he may decide to keep this thread going. Meanwhile I am undecided on what to do next. I will have another exige at some point, would love a 410…