Exige Cup 260 - Restoration and Updates

I’m holding out for the new Pro Race LT from Team Dynamics - the 16s should become available before the end of the 2nd quarter this year! yay!

Replying to myself here:


Get em while they still exist! I’ve ordered a set myself. Am told by H111 that they fit an S2 exige just fine…

Track wheels on. The clearance between wheel and caliper on the rear is about the thickness of a piece of paper, but at least it does clear!


Which rear diffuser do you have on at the minute?

Thats a Reverie carbon fibre one. MrP could tell you more, I havent changed it.

Quick run round the village with my son this afternoon confirmed that we really are living the best car life. With the Exige and the GT4 I feel like I have completed car buying. (Although the isotope green V6 cup thats at Hilton & Moss at the moment does look fantastic!)


Gratuitous GT4 pic from collection day.


Very nice.

Is it the five fin one? Could I be rude and ask for a pic from straight behind?

Yes, it is. Sure, here you go. (Looks like 4 fins?)

I should have typed 6.

Thank you!

Deciding what to do next!

@andybond its this one, but its specific for the cup260 with its longer floors and integrated sheer panel

This is the one for a non cup car:

Think they do 5 element ones too

Forum says the links are dead, but they appear to work for me

Links are fine. It just cant unfurl the URL.

I am after a 5 fin one I think for added aero according the reverie own stats.

Thanks very mich for the info @MrP80

Thanks Paul

After further thought on the track wheels/rear caliper clearance being so tight, I’ve decided to put some 3mm wheel spacers on the rear. Doing some research, it looks like the sector 111 wheels I have are a smaller offset on the rear (et31) compared to factory standard (et38). I think 3mm spacers should give an adequate safety margin in case heat under heavy use causes expansion.

I might still get some cup 250 forged wheels also in due course, but 1500 from seriouslylotus is less appealling than 720 from lotus direct!

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Knowing Lotus there is a reason they are £720.

Its because they cant get them.

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Wow! I thought they were about £700 per wheel from Lotus!? If you can get a set that cheap, then please tell me where and I’ll order some :+1:

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Through the tlf link i posted a couple of weeks ago, it was apparently possible to get a full set for 720 plus delivery, direct from lotus, as the system showed they had 16 sets in stock. Unfortunatley, as is the case with lotus more often than you would like, it turned out to be phantom stock and Bibs had to do those of us who ‘bought’ a set a refund.

Good day at Snetterton last week. Car performed well all day, new ao52s were super grippy and I felt like I had my mojo back by the end of the day. If anything the car went from being traction limited under braking to brake limited, I do forsee new front discs and pads being required at some point later in the year. The first hairpin was a particular event at times.

I didnt have the time over the weekend to clean the accumulated debris off, which I’m sure I will regret now the heat has baked it on!

I do still have the occassional thought of selling, but my plan remains to keep it for the remainder of 2023, use up my ao52s(!) and see how I feel next year. It’s so lovely that I do feel a bit guilty about how I use it, really I should have bought something cheaper and less mint! I am intentionally not going to track the GT4, I think it would be faster but it’s going to get expensive quickly if used on track and the exige remains brilliant in that role. I did about 100 miles on track last week, with the same mileage again getting there and back and I still have about 10l of fuel left in the (extended range) tank.

TLDR: mega car remains mega.


That really does look like a great car.

I understand what you are saying about tracking a mint car. . .

Always loved this car

Soooooooooo… I’m still having thoughts about selling the car. I’ve driven it at most half a dozen times this year, I’ve not got any trackdays booked and it seems a little bit of a waste to have it sat in the garage not being used in the way that it should be. It’s not listed anywhere and I’ve no idea what the market is like, though I’ve seen Jon Seal list a RGB with 14,000 miles at 50k on Facebook so it must still be reasonable. I reckon Darth is worth the same. I might list it properly somewhere at the weekend - but equally I might take it on a Sunday breakfast run and decide not to! Argh!!!