Exige Cup 260 full specs.

Here are the specs of the new 260. Hope apreciated.

Translated from italian:

First of all the car can be bought fully homologated for for street use.
Ita has a 6 point cage and 4 points seatbelts included in price but sold separately in order to mount them only in track use.


2008 engine with chargercooler of bigger size, bigger air scoop and new sistem of injection of the ECU T4 max torque of 236Nm at 6000 rpm.
0-100km/h 4.1 secs circa. Max speed 250km/h

Suspensions and wheels:

Ohlins adjustable dampers and roll-bar. 16 rays wheels in hi power silver

Security and anti"fire":

Cockpit mounted fire extinguisher and in engine usable from inside and outside the car.
Also has electric isolation in and outside car.

Accusump system:

Has an extra oil tank with compressor that keeps pressure constant.

Clutch and differential:

ultralight clutch and Torsen “anti block” differential.
Anti skating LSD that permits manuale regulation from 7%

VLC and Launch Control

AP racing and self-ventilated and bore discs of 308mm and hi res. PAGIT RS14 pads on 4 piston clamps.

Interior & Exterior:
Steel T45 roll bar
No airbags and centralized closure.
2 probax seats leather and microfiber
Alcantara dashboard and electric windows

� 56’034,00 = � 42’158,74

P.s. How do you upload pictures and hoe can i put the avatar on my profile?

How do you upload pictures and hoe can i put the avatar on my profile?

Look here web page

By charge cooler i’m guessing you mean inter cooler ?? or does it infact use a liquid to air charge cooler ??

� 42’158,74


its 56k

�42k or �56k I believe

Base price is �42K (ie euro56K) PLUS Local Taxes (ie Vat) & on the road charges. That brings it near as dam it �50K, then you can add “extras”:

Options (all subject to local taxation rates)

� FIA approved 70 litre fuel cell (track use only)
� Lotus Sport limited slip differential (plate type)
� Air conditioning
� Metallic paint
� Lifestyle paint
� Race battery and holder

Other more hardcore track options are available � prices on application (ie �Level Two� exhaust with de-cat pipe, dog gearbox, Recaro/Lotus Sport driver�s seat with 6-point harness etc).

So you’re probably looking at �53k to �55K in reality