Exige Conversion

Looking into converting my S1 Elise to S1 Exige, I know the Exige wheels are larger than the Elise but am I going to need wheel spacers and are there any other parts I might have overlooked, and need other than the obvious bodywork, engine, interior, Suspension wise what are my options.

Anybody that has done this themselves would be great any photos would be a big help as well, Cheers

wont need spacers just exige size wheels, you can just fit exige suspension to.

Bits I have bought for mine in addition the clams / roof / oversills from the man above -

roof clamp
roof seal
clear indicators front and rear (exiges had clear fronts standard)
vinyl for wheelarch protection
s1 exige original wing and uprights
rear clam supports (wing bolts to these then onto subframe)
s1 exige wheels
front wheelarch grille
front wheelarch grille panel
bulkhead trim panel
rear window brackets
fixings and stainless bits visible on clams
side indicators
front vent vinyls
badges for front and rear nose
headlight covers
new rear diffuser (extended)

only other thing i can think of is wheelarch liners but i am going to see how mine goes with elise ones and extend them if needed. There is probably stuff i have forgotten, if i remember anything i`ll update the list.

That was me posting above, forgot I was logged in as my bro!

i am sending your bits out monday mate as my mate went away this week so never got chance to make the roof clamp panel for you but its all done now.

Cool, i`ll look out for it arriving this week.