Exige coming to U.S.A.

Hello to my British friends:

I am an owner of a track day Mitsubishi EVO, seriously modified (370 bhp, suspension, brakes, R-compound tires, etc.). I am in California, and I hit the road courses here 2 - 3 days per month year round, as the weather is great here.

I am very interested in the Exige, and believe that Lotus is bringing it to America in the next year, based on media reports. The Elise has been a huge hit here, even though we only got it in the past year or so, long after Britain and Europe.

Anyway, I think the U.S. Exige will come only with the 190 hp Toyota engine. I will only buy one if I can increase hp by forced induction. What superchargers or turbos are available, and what are the installation and reliability issues? Thank you.

Hi Richard

Lotus have produced something called a 240R, a supercharged version. Its VERY quick . 0-60 in under 4 seconds etc. Described as one of the fastest cars you can buy in a straight line or the corners, and belive me the Exige will suprise you in the corners.

Sadly the 240R is limited to only 50 cars, all sold. But the supercharger they’ve used IS available for Exige Cup cars. If you call Lotus Motorsport at Hethel they could point you inthe right direction.

Think you will find what you want here, Brett visits the forum regularly with updates so do a search and you will find