Exige.com tshirts

Are there any Exige.Com clothing about…i’ve seem a couple of guys, on my travels, with them on. Are they still available, has anyone got any plans to make more?


At the risk of incurring David’s wrath for advertising…

My SO can embroider clothing with logos, names etc. She has most of the modern logos (eg motorsport, Exige script etc) already digitised so if there is something special you want done give her a shout. Depending on what you wnat it’s usually under a tenner.

Look at this SAMPLE order form for some idea.

Yeah, that looks ace - well done Mrs Stripe

PS I presume she needs the money to pay her speeding fine(s)

PPS Don’t tell her I said that!

She says it’s to pay for repairs to her car after someone reversed into it on the drive the other day…

…and drove off without saying anything. Probably a delivery truck judging by the size of the the tread pattern in the snow

Sorry to hear that Mike.

Although if it was a 48 tread pattern I may have an idea of who it was!


If it was a 48 tread, it wasn’t Major Stripe, cos he uses 39s

I was think more of somebody that’s left some recent ‘48s in the snow’ type evidence on a certain forum recently.



At the risk of incurring David’s wrath for advertising

Wrath ? Me ?

I only ever have a problem with people unknown to me making their first post to promote their company without asking.

Go for it I say !!