Exige Car Cover

Any of you guys got a cover for sale (external use)?, or can advise what is the best make and where they can be obtained? Cheers Simon

Simon., I invested one form Specialised car covers, and it is worth the 180 quid. check them out… www.carcoversuk.com

I bought a cheapo from an Autofactors. Breathable and all weather and made of some funky soft material. Car stays dry in the worst of rain. Cost �30 for a small that just fits.

Gman, ADLMany thanks for advice. Cheers Simon

ADL,Any pictures or contact details for the cheepo cover ?

I’d love to see the piccies of the cheapo cover as well!

quote:Originally posted by Phil Davies:ADL,Any pictures or contact details for the cheepo cover ?It was from Camberly Autofactors. Can’t remember what the make was, but it is a light grey colour with two air vents on the top. Elasticated front and back. (not metallic) Cost �28.50 ish. Just covers the car except a little bit below the exhaust (medium was another tenner)As for pictures, apart from saying that you need help, I may be able to sort something out as soon as I get the digi camera fixed this week. Unfortunately the car is in garage being fixed, so the pciture would be of it sitting in the garden shed for the moment (not a great deal of use I expect!)If you are in the area, drop in and I can show you it. Down in Farnborough.