Exige Cabin Size

This maybe a silly question but how much room is there inside the cabin of an Exige?? Like if I am 6ft 4in am I going to get in the B***dy thing!

Hi shortieIts exactly the same size as an Elise Mk1 so go and try one the only difference is the roof does not come off, so try one with roof on.hope this helpsbtw I have an exige for sale if you are interested?am in NottsregardsDave

I figured that was probably the best way just that I love the car and am worried someone is going to tell me I won’t fit in it and I will be gutted!!Thanks for the info, out of interest how much is yours up for?

I know of 2 or 3 people about the same height who drive Elises.It is completely possible, and I think they have made a couple of modifications to make it slightly more comfortable, eg removeable steering wheel with a different boss, and shortening the gearstick…Cheers

Thanks for the info Mark, I had better get down the showroom!!

ShortieGetting in is easy…it’s the getting out that’s tricky [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image]

Hey Shortie,I’m not as tall as you but at 6’2" I had my reservations first. I still bought it anyway.I did shorten the gearstick and disassembled & reassembled the seat rack so that I could use the extra 1/2" it still had behind.That was waaay better. I also use smaller driving shoes (otherwise I stomp in two pedals at once).Next is going to be the removable steering wheel (which brings it closer to you).But I still have problems when using a helmet in trackdays, I have to slide down the seat slightly but I can manage.Getting in & out, no problem, you just have to be normally flexible, I’ve seen one guy who couldn’t bend so it was very difficult to get in for him. Cheers,Uldis

shortiei’m 6’4" and use my exige everyday - its not perfect for me but its worth folding my legs in half just for the pleasure of drivin this car. My left knee gets in the way of the gearchange sometimes and my hands get in the way of my legs whejn steering, but it can all be accomodated. Like Uldis, using a helmet for track-days means i have to slip down on the seat abit, howeveer unlike Uldis i havent had the seat out to see if i can change things around or modify to suit me better - I also think Uldis has shortned his gearstick a bit.like everything else … have ago for yourself…:d

several of the 340r boys have reported that fitting the carbon fibre seats actually lowers the seating position and is therefore better for taller people being able to see the stack unit rather than the steering wheel.Not heard of anyone fitting them into an Exige yet but it must benefit both headroom and leg reach.

I’m 6’5" and the Exige is my only car. Ditto everything said above - I was convinced I’d be too tall to drive one but was delighted when I discovered I could.Incidentally, mine too will soon be up for sale…IPJ