Exige brakes

My front brakes judder and vibrate under heavy braking when hot. New green stuff pads 400mls ago have not helped.Presumably warped disks.Car mileage 7000.Advice re best replacement/upgrade for fast road/occasional track day use appreciated.

Disks - either Eliseparts or Mutsnuts (Try an archive search of this bbs).

Pads - preferrably Pagid RS14s, but Mintex 1144 are good too.

Also, upgrade to braided hoses & use Castrol SRF fluid.

We’re all getting pretty good at the general advice!

You could always skim the disks. Mine have cooled back flat, on the odd occationa I get a judder, so that maybe worth checking before spending big bucks.


Remember that the aftermarket suppliers offer aluminium bells with cast iron rotors, saving weight and reducing the cost of ongoing replacement…

and they look cool…

Ah, by the way guys, I didn’t post the reaults of the track test of the 295mm MutsNuts disks. Yoou saw them being delivered at Oulton, right? Well, Russ saw them.

Another step up, like installing the SS lines or later Pagids, 10% better again.
I was very weary that I was going to test them on the rain.
Remember? there was the possibility that with more leverage they would be easier to lock up, and that the braking bias would be further front.
But what happened is that they gave me more feel, so less locking in the rain than before and didn’t really notice any difference in the brake bias, only the increased feel.

And if they worked that well in the rain, they can only be better in the dry.
Now, my Pagids have 3mm left, should do 1 session at Oulton and then install the Mintex F4R.

Vive les comparisons!

PS, I will X post this to the MutsNuts thread

I’m led to believe (by a Lotus test driver) that you’ll always get a little bit of a vibration with cross drilled disks when they get really warm. Because of the holes, the natural expansion due to heat will be slightly uneven. I remember this guy giving me a very impressive demo run around donington, and I could clearly feel the vibration from the passenger seat.

Any idea about availability/cost of the MutsNuts disks/bells?Do you have to modify the calipers?Will it pass an MOT? My (respected!)local expert advises either go cheap with EBC disks or go proper(and expensive)with AP larger diameter disks/aluminium bells.

You’ll find the MutsNuts website here
It was only created last week, and it doesn’t have yet the pictures of the 295mm disks, but Stuart (Pollock) told me he’ll add them next week, and that the prices will be the same as the S2 disks (shown there).

You don’t need ot modify anything, and they will definitely pass an MOT, the only way they could not pass is precisely if you install the Motorsports setup, which takes away the handbrake. In this case that area is not touched.
And that’s precisely the point: you don’t need to spend �2400 for the motorsports setup, you can get very close to that performance for the cost of replacement disks only.
And I am the first one that drools over the AP setup, but this is really very good.

Now, you can order them with the vented bells or (like in my case) flat closed bells, but these need brake ducts then to push the air through the vanes.

Availability? you need to contact him, since you need to tell him if you wanted vented or closed bells.

The other thing I like is that the new bigger alloy bell that goes in the 295’s is the same size as the new bigger (on the inside diam) rear disks, this means that there is no more unused, rusty disk area.
You can also order the rear bells 3mm thicker (for a bigger offset, wider track), I did

Happy braking!

And Brendan, I agree, I have felt it many times.
It is why I went for the non-drilled versions (only slotted).
Also, drilled disks tend to crack and destroy pads faster.

I’ve noticed the opposite with mine, slight vibration under gentle breaking then only seem good under abuse

ce la vie

Can you get the bell’d disk for the rear as well?


Call him.