exige body kit + other bits for sale

Looking to sell the body off my Exige to any S1 (or Exige) owners wanting them. This includes front and rear clams including spoilers and roof. All parts are in excellent condition with absoltely no damage…except minor stone chips on front clam(currently painted Chrome Orange). these are original spec parts. All up about 5000UKP. Before the inevitable gets asked, I’m going on a weight reduction programme for the Exige and replcing these bits with CF panels…at a not so modest premium.also have complete short ratio gear box including case 1200UKP ono.

Er - isn’t this more expensive than a new set from Lotus, though unpainted??

ummmm even a NEW CR gearbox is only �1080 from Owen !!

oops, sorry conversion rate prob…typo? I don’t know. sorry. body closer to 3000UKP and gearbox actually includes the entire box, not just the internals, ok, so gear internals for 500UKP I can then keep the caseapologies

Where abouts are the parts located?

RobIt looks like Sydney. Australia.Bloody long drive!

Well, although I have got the time , I think I will pass on this one!.Everything alright Tone?RegardsRob