Exige at Paul Matty

Brake ducts sorted(no more fade??),negative camber on the front end,brake fluid and engine oil replaced-ready for Cadwell evening on 28th-anyone else going?In this months Motor Sport Paul Matty has an S1 Exige advertised with price as-VERY,VERY,VERY EXPENSIVE.In a year S1s will be like gold dust!!!

He, he, some guys here will like that statement, you know?

Oops - I think the advert may be mixed up

The Esprit Giagaro is VVV expensive the Pearl Yellow exige is 23,950 … still a good price though

Ill be there at Cadwell Dave , this month and next .

Car had its first Mot yesterday .

Failed its emissions test with flying colours ( with cat fitted )

Now got to go to JCT 600 .