Exige at Geneva

a very expansive and cool shopping trolly this is!!

i have noticed that the top does look like it could be removed. that would be pretty cool!!


I’m sure that Giles means an Esprit S4S > Here >

[image]> http://www.lotusespritworld.co.uk/images/S4s/Esprit_S4s_blue.jpg> [/image]

yep, thats the bunny only in Mustard yellow. It was small inside but bigger than an Elise, it seemed to have a good 12 inch’s width advantage but the driving position is suprisingly similar.
When it turns up you guys will be the first to know and I promise not to drive it like a hair dresser!

My old one.
[image]http://www.showoffyourcar.com/cars/2497.jpg[/image] and the new one (had to edit the colour, it should have red interior too)

I promise not to drive it like a hair dresser!

Despite the colour of the interior!

Another black one, I just spent Friday with 3! It’s becoming the next Aluminium! I suppose it is one way of colour coding the side pods on the S2.


ps. Nice Paintshop work