Exige as a super daily driver?

Hello community.I am just about to buy a new Exige (last one at a dealer?) and use it as an (almost) daily commuter and then the occasional track day, but have recently heard from several people that it’ll make a lousy city car.Main reasons: internal noise and lack of torque.On the noise side, I have ridden in a very noisy Exige, but it had the Sports exhaust and a broken baffle so I guess that the normal exhaust would be ok.On the torque side, I don’t really believe it’s that bad. Or is it?Maybe we can get a little more torque out of the engine with an aftermarket ECU? or wait until Motorsports releases the Lotus-approved next ECU version (I called them and they said in about 2 months)What do you say?

quote:Originally posted by Uldis:Hello community.but have recently heard from several people that it’ll make a lousy city car…What do you say?I’ve used mine daily and for all sorts of Journeys city/motorway/cross Country/Track days [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image].Both before and now with the 190 Conversion the in city traffic is no problem at all, and noise is certainly no problem in and around town. Motorway cruising when absolutely necesary can be a bit of a bore, but if you do a lot then a good pair of ear defenders turn the car into Rolls Royce noise levels (although you do look a bit of a plonker). I have a Peltor intercomm kit and headphones although a bit pricey these even allows you to talk to a passenger and double as a mobile phone kit.I don’t think any of the drawbacks come close to what the car gives back in pure driving fun, especially on circuit.Other advice on a new Model:Follow the running in procedure religoulsly, get Pagind (Lotus Motorsport) brake pads fitted from new. Get the 190 conversion at the first service (between 1000-1500miles)

Just a quick one.Do convert to synthetic oil after running it in as it comes with mineral oil.

Thanks for the replies, I guess you’re right, the driving experience would compensate for a slight impracticality.Still, nobody said anything about torque.In my motorcycle racing days there was some torque to be gained by modifying slightly the cam timing and especially a correct ECU mapping.And I don’t mean getting a map from someone and using it as is, but like carburating an engine, you experiment with it and move parameters as you go until it’s perfect. And even a 3D table map should be quite easy to edit on a laptop.Anyone doing this at the moment?Uldis

The Torque isn’t that bad. Depends what you compare it against. Compared to a smart or Subaru it has heaps!It is a bit lumpy at low revs, but you could always sort that out by having the ECU remapped. I personally, think its fine, but thats because we also own a smart and Subaru Impreza.Drive one and see!Christine

No need, I have just been to the dealer today and gave him a check.The Exige is mine !!But, I’m only going to pick it up tomorrow or Saturday because they’re going to adjust a little bit further the pedals, the way they are now the steering wheel rests solidly in my legs (6’2" and long legs) so steering is very difficult as it is.And then I’m going to go on (slowly) with my search for more torque (and then HP).Cheers !