Exige and airbags


I am seriously considering an S2 Exige, and have noticed that the 111r that is exported to the USA has twin airbags.

Now, I have just had a massive head on collision in my VX220, which has been written off, and the options for upgrade are the VXR and the Exige. But for the grace of God and an airbag, I managed to walk away from the crash with minimal injuries.

Does anyone know whether Lotus would put in a driver side airbag if specifically requested and if money was no object? I am extremely reluctant to go for the Exige without one

Cheer people.

AFAIK, airbags are an option for the new 111R and Exige over here.

Have you tried talking to a dealer and getting a brochure where it specifically mentions the options?
Shouldn’t be impossible.

Hi Teatowel(!? ), firstly welcome, secondly VERY glad to hear you’re okay. Thirdly, I think there’s something else you should consider - harnesses.

I’ve had them in my S1 since I owned it and feel very uncomfortable on track (and even the road) without them. In an accident I don’t think I’d even hit the airbag and believe I would be much safer than a lap belt and airbag.

They take a few more second to put on, and you need to make sure they not really loose, but I’m sure they MUCH safer (for virtually all types of accident, certainly head on).

Obviously if you can get an airbag too so much the better. It must still do a lot for flying glass and whiplash.


Like Ian i think harnesses are much safer than belt and airbag.
Had a big accident 3 years ago with my ex-exige, thanks to the harness i had muscle problem for one day only, 2 days after i was already challenging in a triathlon…


AFAIK, airbags are an option for the new 111R and Exige over here.

The airbag option was was never mentioned when I spec’t my S2 or I would have probably gone for them. Maybe because of the performance pack harnesses the dealer thought they would not be wanted. Never saw them on the option sheet I filled in either, although that was back in June and things may have changed. Suppose at Lotus prices a retro fit would be about the cost of a million, maybe more, trackdays