Exige alternative

I’m liking this


wah gert will like this bit

‘300lb/ft luggage space’

you would never be able to see out of that front window

Me like

Nice little baby Sports Prototype…

Surprised that I have not come across any on trackdays, Seems good value for money - as opposed to the S3 suspension setup

Suspension set-up

S1 = �235.00 - approx. time 8 hours (1 working day)
Weigh car
Adjust corner weights
Adjust toe-in/out (inc. rear if possible)
Set ride height
Laser wheel alignment

S2 = �587.50 - approx. time 16 hours (2 working days)
As S1, plus:
Adjust camber (front & rear)
Adjust castor
Identify CofG (centre of gravity) lateral & longitudinal
Measure all geometry positions
Generate set-up sheet

S3 = �3000.00 - approx. time 40 hours (5 working days, cost includes track and driver hire)
As S1 + S2, plus:
Initial track test with pro-driver to establish lap times
Measure spring rates and replace where required
Identify CofG height
Adjust bump-steer if present
Final track test with pro-driver:
Track-side fine tuning
Damper settings
Anti-roll bar settings (if present)
Tyre pressure settings
Brake balance adjustment (if possible)
Customer instruction