Exige aerodynamics

No very serious post I’m afraid but thought it was interesting.

During the recent trip to France when the clutch bearing died (taking the clutch and gearbox casing with it ) we did a very non-scientific experiment.

One of the guys was on his Ducati due to Elise problems so just came along for the evenings out and passenger laps etc. On the French Autoroutes we were in a convoy of 3 some of the time, myself in the Exige, the Ducati and an Elise with approx 180bhp (so similar to my VHPD I guess). At quite high speeds of 130+ (you can guess the units ) the bike followed both of us but only followed myself for a few miles due to the massive turbulance caused by the Exige, apparantly it could still be felt over 100yds behind, but behind the Elise (with 160 rear wing and same Edwards diffuser) there was none of that so it was Elise, Ducati, Exige most of the journey.

Guess it shows the aerodynamics are doing something, just like an F1 car they are difficult to follow.

That and the lightweight and levels of grip make them go like stink!

Somebody is bound to point out shortly that some of what your biker experienced is drag and it’d be even better if there was lovely clean aero coming out the back, it’d go even quicker then.