Exige 410 seat height

I’m not yet an Exige owner but following a test drive of a 410 yesterday, now seriously considering moving from my S1 Duratec. The only thing is, because I have a long back, I couldn’t see the top of the dials and generally felt a bit high up. Are there any adjustments that can be made to the seats to get them a little lower?


I don’t think there is any adjustment other than a race seat bolted to the floor. Also consider if you can get a crash hat on. It’s tight for me in an S1 and I’m just 6ft.

Sector 111 did some replacement seat rails that tilted the seat back meaning you had more headroom. I found them pretty good when combined with a spacer to the stems the steering column.

I read somewhere that you can also get a small amount of adjustment on the steering column. Anyone know if that is correct?