Im sell the car drawn up a short list:-
sport 190 s2
111r s2
elise 1.8 s2
sport 135 s2
135r s2
sport135 s1
vauxhall vx220
vauxhall vx220turbo
as according to topgear mag they are all quicker around a track…

mind you i wont be buying a sport 190 s1 (didnt realise they did one) as this was 14 i say again foreteen seconds slower than a bog standard 1.8 s1

only joking about selling but i cant go in the local pub anymore!


i know mad, it does say that the driver didnt push it but they say the lap times are “representative” i assume not flat out, might lose it, but pushing equally hard

I was looking forward to reading that issue. Sounds like it’s a load of bllcks. Never mind

the write up also states that the 111r s2 has the most peaky engine i thought that was always laid at our door?

Hey, just come home after a load of beer at Steve’s and he had that mag…

Load of tosh if you were to ask me…

JUlian Bailey is a good driver, but I wonder how many laps he did in each car, and if, as he said, the pads had not bedded in, perhaps he overbraked himself in one corner and lost a second on his fast lap - that would be all it took !!!

There are other mags, thank goodness…

Julian Bailey drove each car for three laps, warm up,timed, and cool down.

I was there, in my na vx220

I spent my Saturday caning an Elise S2 Sport 190 round a track. And I’m not that good a driver!

Utter tosh!!!

Is that list in order? If so, how was the VX220T slower than the std one??!


Anyone can make a mistake on a single timed lap - ask Jenson Button ! !