Exige 380 Cup


I’d love one. They’re only making 60 :frowning:

Agree but £83000 + otr charges + a few bits like A/C and it’s a £90000 car.
Kin ell it needs to be good!!!
Would still love one. But if a add some more carbon parts and an SSC supercharger. I think i would have a massively better/ quicker car for about £25000 less…

If money was no object. If only…

Love the whole aggression thing going on.

I can’t fathom the price of it?? Other than its looks I’m not sure what offers the driver over the standard 380 Sport?

For £90k I’d be considering the Evora 410 instead. It’s a bit more Lotus for the money. It might sacrifice a bit of outright track ability in favour of every day use which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Or go the other way and drop the cash on a 3-eleven

Having lived with a 2-11 for 7 years a £90k 3-11 is a no from me. Hugely impractical which means it’ll get a lot less use than you first think. For £90k I’d want to be able to jump in and drive no matter what the weather.

I like it a lot :sunglasses:

I think we we were close to having that car at our Anglesey event. I was in communications with pistonheads about them attending and writing a piece. They wanted to borrow a car from the factory and join in. The factory were hinting they’d have something very special for them to bring but then the dates didn’t line up and it all fell through. Damnit so close…

I hope lotus give the car to the press and let them do lots of video reviews whilst wrecking its tyres. They seem to have missed a trick with the 380 & 410 models - hardly any publicity.

I was at the factory last week , the new cars look awesome , I would go for the 410 at that money as well , great car , especially in Ithaca verde like the one they had just built .

I like it, wonder when lotus start talk about making the venom gt as a top ender production car !!!