Exige 360 Race

When I saw the renderings of the 380 Race I loved the look so got busy earlier today.

Not finished but am so pleased with the look I had to share it with you guys,

Next is to finish the N/S headlight then apply the wrap to the painted section between the roof and engine cover.

I will also add the door and rear quarter decals that appear on the 380 race

Progress so far

That picture messes with my head!!

I know the surround for the headlamp is concave. It looks concave on the left hand one. It looks convex on the right hand one. Even though I know it isn’t!!!

Does look good though

Looks ace that :thumbup:

Looking nice Dave, very nice.

nice bit of eye-liner

Is it finished yet… :unamused:

Nearly but mates keep coming round to have parts fitted to their cars!!!
Got my carbon splitter made and ready to fit, but sadly I’m busy this week end again!!!

Been busy prepping the car for Anglesey today, Fitted a set on new tyres and given it a good check over.
I also fitted this splitter!!!

New splitter looks cool Dave :sunglasses:

I like that too.

Shock of shocks
JF like carbon tat

Very nice Dave.

Looks stunning Dave

Where’s mine :question: & m’wing :frowning: