Exige 21st Birthday

I celebrated the 21st birthday of the launch of the Exige by taking Mrs Thommo for a run out in the sun. No champagne corks were popped and the car looked a little less sparkling than when it first emerged from hibernation a few days ago but I felt I should mark the date in some way. There are no track day heroics pictured but I hope the snaps offer a flavour of a day out. Mrs T remains steadfastly unenthusiastic about the delights of Exige motoring and unwilling to take a journey longer than 1 hour.

Please try to overlook the instruction to take cod liver oil tablets superimposed in screenshot pic of our planned walk :flushed:

That was my favourite bit :joy::+1:

I feel guilty for missing the date now. Well marked Sir :clap::clap::sunglasses:

Oh and my wife won’t even get in my Exige :rofl:

:slight_smile: Spot the heron in Pic No 5

Some great pics there Thommo. Bet it was great to get out and about

It was Andy, thank you.