Exige 2

Sorry if the following offends, but I have just had a lengthy test drive, over all types of road, of the new Exige/Elise Coupe/Whatever and apart from one gripe, I think it is bloody brilliant!

The gripe first - the brake pedal, whilst having good feel and retardation, goes down far too much before biting. This hampers your ability to heel & toe, although it is possible if you are prepared to suffer a bent ankle. I would bleed the brakes to see if this particular car has a problem, coz the pedal was on the carpet when being stood on properly. If that fails,I would put braided hoses on and change the fluid and pads to see if it could be remedied. Even so, I would still buy the car, it is that chuckable.

The first thing you notice is the total lack of torque before the cams change, (against the Honda, it is poor in this respect) but recalibrate your brain to change down a gear, and it flies. On some serious twisties, getting air and then changing direction, all over crappy surfaces and bumps, this car gives total confidence that it will hang on. The suspension soaks it up and remains very competent even when being asked some serious questions - I would say better than a Nitron equipped Exige 1. It slides out of slow corners and your granny could catch it - even with yumps throwing the rear tyres off the ground. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat when we got back to LRV - we tried MWay, Duel carriageways and the twisties, and it is good in all areas, but unbeatable on the twisties. Given the same driver, I would say the suspension set up would give the Mk 2 the edge on a fast road, but on track the Mk1 would be faster due to the brake feel and weight. (standard cars)
If it was a straight choice, the Mk 1 gets it for looks, weight and aggression. However, if you are a girlie hairdresser who wants air con along with excellent back road ability to use everyday, or to go to Le Mans in relative comfort, it fits the bill perfectly.

Oh, and the gearbox is spot on as well.

Oh, and did you know you can take the roof off easily, and have the best of both worlds?

Sounds good Russ, so are the plans being re drawn for a 4 instead of 3 car garage

It is already 4

Cheers Russ, it’s good to get another report from a fellow Exiger, especially one who we all know is a pretty handy driver.
I still haven’t tried one on the road, but my experience at Donington certainly gave me the impression it would be forgiving on the road. Personally, I think I would be quicker on track with the new car because it gave me more confidence to push it to the limit in the corners.
Agree about the brake pedal, too. I really hope braided hoses and better fluid will improve the feel, but I suspect it might take more than that to really fix the problem…




i doubt hoses and bleeding will fix the pedal travel thingy - the 111R is the same. It must be more to do with the design…


    from Trudy

he-he…I always knew that Trudy is a softy


S1 190 vs S2 vs Honda - What grunt factor difference ?

IOW - Is an S2 as quick as an S1 190 IYO ?


S1 190 vs S2 vs Honda - What grunt factor difference ?

IOW - Is an S2 as quick as an S1 190 IYO ?

It was interesting following the S2 Exige at Zandvoort. (Video to follow once I get back from Japan!)

The S2 was on Slicks and driven by the father of the Dutch dealer who races at Zandvoort, I was pulling time out in some areas but not others, when we came through the flat out RH bend onto the start-finish straight I was pulling distance back and onto the straight I was pulling alongside before dropping back before the next bend. I think the S2 was marginally quicker (grunt wise) as I had a bit more momentum out the bend but we were then even all the way down the straight.

That would add up - the S2 should have less drag at the sort of speeds you get to on that straight - and with him on slicks etc - but your on 48’s, Nitrons etc and so corner wise I guess your S1 would be quicker ( My first time on 48’s and they felt soo00 much grippier than 39’s - not that I explored that ) Mmmm Cant wait to see video - I left mine back in England … Doh

Slicks have much more grip than 48s…
I tried on my exige on a 2min30 sprint race:
2min 42 with 48s
2min 36 with yoko slicks

keep in mind that when cold 48s are better…


I would also wager that Mark’s piloting has a positive impact…

Andy - Although I would find it hard to separate the 190 VHPD and Toyota, the Honda definitely has them both licked for grunt, especially lower down.

Andy - Although I would find it hard to separate the 190 VHPD and Toyota, the Honda definitely has them both licked for grunt, especially lower down.

For some strange reason that conjured a bizarre almost sexual image of the three engines ‘going at it’ in your garage Russ.

But that’d be silly!..wouldn’t it??!


keep in mind that when cold 48s are better…

I used to think the same until I founnd out that I was running on too high pressures.
Check it out with a pyrometer. Most likely when after a few hard laps you feel the tyres are starting to lose grip you come out and measure a much higher temp down the middle of it.
Work it down and you’ll find out that if you use about 17psi cold Rear and 19psi cold front, which brings it to about 24psi warm all around, you will have grip that doesn’t end.

Ask around about my 1hr+ stints out there. No grip loss.


I complete agree - I was loosing grip and checked - I had 28 front and 32 rear - Dropped them down to 24 / 26 and they worked great