Exige 190 VHPD Engine/Gearbox

Hoping to spend some dosh with Blink, so engine/gearbox (incl carbon airbox & quickshift) are for sale at �4500 (Blink will fit to your own car for �500).

Engine was stripped/blueprinted by Gavan Kershaw Racing approx 6000 miles ago (of which 1200 were to/from Le Mans last June). Rebuild included track spec clutch/pressure plate, high strength head bolts, new rings, race big end bearings, hardened steel oil pump drive, oil baffle, & cambelt. Oil pump was machined to give max flow, & throttle bodies machined to properly match to head.

Well … that will fix the coil problem for sure

My thoughts exactly

Obviously, the coil problem will be sorted - hopefully early next week True to say though, that this has caused me to think about a change, & if I can may the numbers fit, I’m inclined to do so.

I know I’ve not driven either a Duratec or Audi powered Exige/Elise, but I am mightily impressed with Russ’s Honda JDM (which I have driven on numerous occasions), & Blink’s backup/customer care.

tell me aboit more about it. will you split from the gear box. what are you putting in yours


Sorry, but don’t want to split the gearbox in any deal.

I fancy a new Honda K20a JDM (ie Jap spec, with LSD & approx +220bhp). This is same as RussT has in his Exige.

Could be made available in next 14 days, & there is a “small” margin to negotiate. I will mail you offline with phone number.

sounds good. thats my other alternative. as my engine is out at the moment. what sort of cost are invovled in upgrading my engine . you sound like you have researched into it. can i ask what ur spending.

Cough, splutter (don’t tell Mrs Pesky!!), but circa �11K for a brand spanking new engine/gearbox & turnkey fitting thereof

An S1 Exige for c. �20k with new JDM 220bhp engine and six speed gearbox is a cheaper and more appealing package to me than the new S2 Exige. Not cheap but worth it I reckon.

it looks like good newsto us owners of the S1 that many people still rate the S1 to the S2. theres an S2 at my local garage in bright orange. its too much like the S2 Elise. and the rear spoiler nearly fell off when i touched it. bit to flimsy still does the job i spose

Damon, I think you’ll find the S2 spolier only really does half the job of the one on the S1.

Just a thought, while an engine other than a new K-series may be tempting, you ought to also consider other things that may be affected by it. Because you’ll be going quicker you should at least consider larger brakes, potentially uprated uprights (depends what your originals are), stronger track rod ends, better dampers/stiffer springs, etc. It’ll give you a fabulous car but will all add up.


would you accept �3750 and i can get my car up there this week. i would also have to speak with Blink. cost of fitting as my engine only, as my one is out already. what do you rekon .

Hi Damon

We’ll speak over the weekend - again

Mr.Pesky, Is this engine and ancilleries still for sale? if so can you mail me at <[email protected]>. Thanks dogg.

Yep, still for sale. I will accept a sensible offer.

Your email address doesn’t work, but you can email me via exiges.com, by clicking on name in left hand box & selecting “send private message”.

Can you please give me a call over the weekend on 07808068782 with regard to your engine and box.Regards Martin.


Just got home - slightly worse for wear (started boozing yesterday at 1pm, went to the Cure concert in Manchester with Russ & JohnO - guests of RogerX), arrived chez Russ at 3.30am this morning - bloody great time

So, I’ll give you a ring later

mr pesky,
are your bits still available?

mr pesky,
are your bits still available?

No, …but my engine & gearbox are

I’ll mail you offline