I am trying to remove the back box
How do I separate the tail pipes from the box I have remover all the bolts.
then how do I get the box out
Ity looks easy but I cant get the pipes off
Any help would be apreciated
JohnC [color:“green”] [/color]

WD40 and lots of swearing !


I hoped i wasn’t going to hear that
oh well wd40 hammer and screwdriver I guess


When I did it the whole remove/refit process took me 9 hours.
Lots of WD40, lots of swearing.

Scraped knuckles too!

Good luck!


The cat replacement pipe is much the same problem - they use studs so unfortunately it won’t just slide out - you need to release everything else and use the tailpipe to lever the back box etc away - I sorted it for the future by having someone heat up the studs and knock them out - just replaced the studs with bolds and hey presto… a 35 minute changeover time

(Includes free rust in the eye!!)

The cat was aleady out had no problems with bolts etc but could not get the tail pipes apart
cut mouth grazed knuckles lots of foul language and its done about 10 hours
I bought the elise parts box sounds great but unfortunately way to loud so I am going to have to either fit the cat back or use a silenced cat replacement pipe
I also put on a adjustable nylatron engine mount a doddle by comparison


Oh the joys of DIY - not!

I can recommend the Eliseparts silenced de-cat pipe - my car is now 100db at 5750rpm (voluntarily tested at Oulton in July - cos the noise Gestapo knew it was within limits “by ear”). Previously it was about 106db at 5250rpm, when tested by the same chap!!!

Hope to see you & the “Toothpuller” soon

Sunday at a sprint the official noise tester had me at 101.07 Db at half a metre…

That was OK on the day…

Spec? EBD ultimate plus cat replacement plus sports (i.e. janspeed) exhaust…

Sunday at a sprint the official noise tester had me at 101.07 Db at half a metre…

Not bad at tickover

Seriously though, at what revs were you tested?

I held it at around 4000 - 4500

It must have peaked at perhaps 4600.

The distance was definitely 0.5 metres cos I saw them do other cars first…

which exhasut have you got
I have heard your car with the silenced act pipe
Its a shame really because the note from the exhust is super although i am getting a few flames coming out the tail pipes