my exhaust has gone really loud have i blown the baffles out? if thats the case is it a replacement back box ? and if so what should i go for and at what cost ?

No contest for an S1 - contact the Edwards Boyz http://www.lotuspower.co.uk

Details of their system can be found by doing a search on exiges.com

Have you got a twin pipe original? If so, and it sounds like a raspy vibration at certain revs, probably.

What to go for is personal choice. There are lots of threads on this so try a search. I have a Larini and like it (quality and quiet but a nice noise), then there’s Elisepart’s (which may be too loud for some tracks), the Edwards is a very nice set-up, Janspeed is the original upgrade (but again maybe too loud), Powerspeed is quite nice (straight through and re-packable)…


For those that aren’t aware, the Edwards can now be had with twin rear pipes (meaty muscular ones), which I saw a couple of weekends ago. A nice alternative.


its a single oval, it did have a tinny sound at first then after a hard run its now very very loud i dont mind the noise but its so loud i’m afraid i might get a pull

what do you like about this system ? i’ve not seen or heard it


Can’t find a pic, but this is the description:

[color:“blue”]The exhaust system we are working on is a 2 1/2" bore straight through system, In three parts the main 2 1/2" bore 6" dia polished main box with single large oval exit pipe. A 2 1/2" straight cat replacement pipe, and a 2 1/2" bore 4" dia silenced cat replacement pipe. which you use depends on how quiet you need to be, At Donington the main back box with the straight crp gave 101db driveby and with the second box installed gave 94db driveby. So no more problems with noise limits. (tested on our Exige which has 190 kit and the air restrictor removed). Price not yet finalised but be sure that it will be a very competitive price
Steve Edwards.

Blatant plug for the Boyz here - I have it on the race car & it is excellent quality ! Big

cheers for the info mr p.
need a back box do you know if they
a) have a back box finished
b) price
C) how do i get hold of them
d) do they do a part exchange on my old one

only kidding on the d question any help will be greatly received thanx

Russ C.

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