Just discovered the flexi section in my exhaust is blowin like a good un . Anyone got a spare lying around that they want to exchange for some reddies. Failing that wheres the cheapest place to get hold of a new one.



Be careful not to drive it too far. Driving with even a slightly blowing exhaust made me rather sick!


These are the first things to go on the Janspeed.
So nobody would have one.
Same thing happened some time ago and the best price was from LotusEcosse.
Check out their website and order, nothing else to do I’m afraid.

I have one - drop me a mail to [email protected]

There you go, I’m wrong!

Try any of the companies doing engine conversions - bound to find a spare flexi section at a good price. I got one from Blink.

Also dont run with it broke - hot gasses on the inside of the clam can burn it & bubble the paint

Cheers Steve i’ll give those companies a call tomorrow and see what they can come up with. What did Blink charge for a second hand one if you dont mind me asking?

Godspeed - YHM

Godspeed - did you get my mail?

Just sending you one back now…

I got a few parts at the same time so I dont actualy know the cost just for the flexi…