Ok which one

The eliseparts one (does this one stick out to far?)
The Bell and Covill super sports
The Janspeed SS

Your help would be greatly appreciated

But please be quick the money is burning a hole !!

How much you got?
What you looking to do?

Unless they’ve updated the Eliseparts one, it does rather stick out and is loud (although it can be re-packed), probably too loud for some circuits.

B&C they may just be re-selling somebody elses and I would doubt its the best value. I have a contact there I could enquire with if you’re really interested in that one?

Janspeed is the old favourite, I think its single oval pipe looks good but is again probably too loud for some circuits and not a bombproof as their warranty would have you believe.

The Larini is a beaut (I just bought one, let me know if you want pics). A tad expensive but should last (they make Lambo zorsts after all). It may not free up every drop of extra power as some but won’t need repacking (as it doesn’t use that method) and runs at 94dB at 6000rpm.

There’s also the Powerspeed. That’s quite cheap (too small to even charge VAT) and quiet but does need repacking every 5000 miles or so (depends how you drive it). I’m not sure it sounds quite as nice as the others too, but I’m not that was its design purpose.

Then you have the Edwards zorst in development. But I’ll let them share on that one.

There you go, as clear as mud.


And the Valentine one in development as well, using both chambers and packing material.
But it will be a manifold + zorst, extremely light and free flowing.
Can’t wait to try it.

How much you got?
What you looking to do?

I have around �400 to spend but will go higher.

I am looking to do quite a few track days, so noise is one of the most important factors. I would also like to keep the twin tail pipes.

I have already spoke to Larini but them seemed unsure on the delivery date and the price… I have looked at the pics online IDG and it looks great.

Tried Moto-build re: the Larini?


sorry to be a pain

But do you happen to have the contact details to hand


Here you go - 020 8893 4553

http://www.moto-build.com - ignore the Rover stuff, it’s how they make their money.


I can recommend the Edwards system heartily, but have no comparison to offer against the Larini, which is the one I would have if I had not just bought the Edwards one.

I saw the Elisepart exhaust recently and it has had a number of changes.
It’s made by different manufacturer and the quality is really excellent.
It’s quieter than the old one.
It doesn’t stick out as far.
It doesn’t need to be repackable because it does blow the packing out anymore !


Thanks Guys

I have decided to go for the larini,

Does anyone ever answer the phone at Moto-Build

P.s Is the larini the one they show the picture of on their site ?

I have just bought the new Eliseparts one - very pleased - doesn’t seem overly loud but very low rumble - makes my trousers shake when sitting in traffic . I will try and put some pics up. It is very well made - 6kgs and under �400.

interested in pics…

P.s Is the larini the one they show the picture of on their site ?

I believe so, but when Dave finally answers the phone ask if they’re changing the spec (there was some talk of an oval rather than round box).