I believe I have the standard exhaust (twin pipes). Does the sports version have the oval pipe and if so is it worth swapping to one?
thanks for help


The Janspeed supersports exhaust has the oval tail pipe.

Is it worth changing ? well its most certainly louder and maybe it releases a few BHP as well

If you want a very little used one let me know becuase mine will be coming off in about 2 weeks

Why ? - The stuffing gets blown out of it too quick and so the dB get higher

What ya going fo instead Andy?



Same as Uldis - from Powerspeed. I like the Janspeed but its just too noisy for some tracks and I dont want to keep the revs down, also its repackable …

Actually, the one place relevent to all this - Prestwold is no longer on the BAT list It was close and good fun … I guess the NIMBY’s won the day ??

See you


[color:“orange”] [/color] Any idea what hte noise level is with the powerspeed
And what price is it [color:“orange”] [/color]



Price is about the same as the Janspeed 330 quid incl VAT

Noise level - I hope Uldis can confirm but with a Sports CAT he was getting 93 dB at the pipe.

Uldis !! - Calling Uldis !!

Easy to re-pack yourself? Sexy pipe? (I forget what Uldis’ looked like @ Cadwell, I’d check the pics on the Web put I seem to remember he was signing too fast )


Hi Andy, John,

If I remember well, yes, it was 93 db @ 5000 rpm (or was it 4700?) at 1m.
Easily repackable, wihout taking the full exhaust off, you take off the diffuser, undo a U bolt on the end of the can and off comes the end pipe.
Then undo 6 allen bolts and the tip of the can. You can repack it there.

I had some picture posted in a thread but since I have them at bookatrack and they seem to have moved their site around, they don’t display anymore.
So, have them here again.




Why is this picture posting not working Mr Admin?

Thanks for the offer Andy. I think I have seen the Janspeed on a car but am I right in thinking the Lotus sports one is different but still oval in shape? (just more of a flat oval).
I am wanting to get the 190 kit too plus sports seats and harnesses as my car is standard. Maybe I should just be selling it and buying one with all the kit I want.