Exhaust valve switch

There’s a thread on TLF about this at the moment, but I thought I’d put on here too. My car doesn’t have Race pack, and being able to override the exhaust valve opening system is something I’m interested in. Has anyone had the switch fitted to the steering column that enables the exhaust valve to be opened permanently rather than waiting for it to open at 4.5k revs?
Are there any warranty issues doing this?

On my old Golf R32 there was a similar exhaust flap, I found the vacuum held it shut rather than open, a quick cut with some side cutters and insert a suitable bit of round metal, hey presto open exhaust flap all the time :wink:

Doesn’t sport mode open the valve at all the rev range?

On the evora it is done by vacumn but you have an electric powered valve to allow it to be overiden. On my n/a car that never came with a valved system, i had a valved tubular fitted by oakmere including the vacumn pipe. I then bought an electrical valve off ebay off a bmv i think but any will do. You just need to power this and hey presto. I initially powered mine off my heated rear window supply to try it and never went any further before selling the car. In theory I presume the powered valve may be there if not then the wiring should be. If you can get a copy of the wirirng diagram then it may be possible to connect to the original wiring with your own relay.