Exhaust Silencer Wanted

Hi guys,

Think the baffles on my exhaust have gone as it seems to be getting louder. Can anybody recommend an exhaust or does anyone have a spare lying around that they want to exchange for some readies?!


Try a bit of a search, there’s been recent talk about the Larini (which I have and like), the Eliseparts (perhaps a bit loud), the Edwards new one (a bit of a looker) and Uldis has some mad thing going on in Scotland.


Mad thing… I like it!

Did you hear that Jim?

I have a brand new Exige silencer if its of interest…

I have a few miles only standard Exige silencer if its of any interest? Based in Essex if its any use (probably as much to send it as its worth!)



If you let me have your e-mail address then i will send you some details and pics of the exhaust that we make.

Steve Edwards.


you can send the details to [email protected](remove this bit)yahoo.co.uk

Mark / Simon,

I have the lotus motorsport (Janspeed) system on just now - do you know how the standard silencer compares to this one (in terms of noise, looks and performance)? PM me with how much you would be looking for?


Whats the story with this new exhaust you are looking at? Is it finished yet? and will it be a track only system?






It’s going to be a very different system, and I’m sworn to secrecy.
But I can say that it’s going to be much lighter than the lightest so far, and initially without a CAT, but with the provision to later add one (bespoke)

Also, and most importantly, we are hoping (due to its very different design) that it frees 5 additional horses.

Prototype should be ready after christmas, when I will put it in the rolling road and confirm delivers the goods.

Mad thing? Well, it’s certainly driving me insane .
With the various delays that Uldis has suffered and an HGF on the S2 before we even got to the noise test, things haven’t progressed very far on the Lotus front. I have managed to push ahead with other developments which will help eventually. Have set aside a week in mid-December when I will be able to finalise designs. Hard to contain Uldis’ enthusiasm but I’m not claiming anything till I’ve seen dyno charts etc, although yes, manifold + silencer will be different from established forms. Noise level has to be 95db or below - no challenge in designing a noisy can.

any ideas for s2 exige exhausts that improve power and sound would be very helpfull… [email protected]

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