exhaust recommendation

I accept mine may have been an exception. It wasnt able to be repacked as it wasn’t economially viable to be repaired. Was told the perforated tube or something that runs through the middle was damaged.

Cheaper to buy a new one.

If you want it to be loud and have no noise police on trackdays, go for the 7" rather than 8, I had a 7x18 and it was awesome but too loud for most trackdays.

Why not try the SELOC approved Titanium Tinnitus edition.

The longer you use it the louder it gets in order to balance your hearing loss :smiley:

Years of Doof Doof music as a young fella and a stage 1 sounds stock, a standard exhaust sounds like a prius and a stage 2 lets me know the engine is still running.

Just got an email from Jim @ 2bular. It appears his account won’t let him login anymore, he would just like to point everyone to a link on his website that has an explanation why some exhaust fail early on the Toyota powered Lotus (I had a cat fail for the same reason)


On that basis and afer watching the youtube clip I’m glad I sorted my engine mounts ages ago…

Guys thanks for all your advice. I think the 2bular is the way I will go. Given what I am chasing I trust Jim will know what I am after and can advise me which way to go.

Yep Jim is a top bloke and will always give you great advice as he wants you to get the right product.