Exhaust manifold wanted!

From Exige (non aircon) or S1 Elise…


Try looking on Ebay under Lotus in automobilia. There was a 340R manifold and a 190 ECU up for auction yesterday when i looked.

Mark, I have my Exige manifold for sale, drop me a mail.


Ta Russ - but too slow!

Are you going to make it to Donington for the LRSS next weekend? Only cos I want a ride in your car mister!


Ah well, never mind.

I might come to Donington if me dad lets me.

I can’t make it for the Sunday raceday, but I hope to be there for practice/qualifying on Saturday.

“The Boy” is permitted to go on both days by yours truly, but his missus will probably have other plans!!!

I will have an exige exhaust manifold for sale in about a month’s time, when it is being replaced with one from EBD

Whoops - forgot to say that it is is from a non-aircon car

Hi Mike,

Are you fitting the big bore EBD?

Absolutely !!!

It goes well with a Dave Andrews modified head and the Emerald, they say…

OK - looks like I posted prematurely!

Russ - how much do you want for it? Looking at the manifold and downpipes as well… Feel free to email instead if you want - [email protected]



I’m replying cos Russ is in Anglesey at the mo - he’s now sold it to A N Other, sorry

See you next Saturday at Donny


Fancy swapping a pre-cut undertray for your non-butchered one? Cash either way!

I didn’t realise that any mods were required…

I’ll have a chat with Dave Andrews, who is doing the fitting, and get back to you…